Our Clients

We work with a select group of high net-worth individuals and families. While there is a typical type of client we work with, our customized approach allows us to vary our client experience and advice to fit into the lives of a range of clients. Our current wealth planning client base falls into a few groups.

Entrepreneurs/ Start-up/VC backed executives: Financial planning for entrepreneurs and start-up executives has a very unique set of challenges.  Some of these individuals may be rich on paper but have very little in terms of cash and investments.  If proper planning is done from an early time, the options to reduce taxes and plan for the future are greatly increased.  We also work with a number of executives who are serial entrepreneurs and are simply looking for someone to manage the investment side of their life so they can focus on their next venture.  They have made good money and are looking for ways to preserve it.

Busy professionals: Our client experience is specifically designed to integrate into our clients’ lives.  Many of our clients are busy professionals, doctors, lawyers, consultants and c-suite executives, who are very career driven and ambitious.  Financial and investment planning often takes a backseat to their work.  Our job for these clients is to become the steward of that part of their life so they can better focus on their job at hand, but also have the ability to easily monitor what is going on in their financial lives.

Private business owners:  Owning and running a private company often dominates ones time.  The lines between work and home are sometimes blended. Our job for these clients is to manage their personal assets so they can better focus on running and growing their business.

Individuals in transition: We find one of the best motivators to seek financial advice is some sort of life changing event or transition .  This could be selling a business or retiring and transitioning from accumulation to preservation phase. We work with clients to help them manage these transitions, both mentally and financially.