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Retirement Plan Consulting

Retirement Plan Consulting

We understand that for most people a large portion of their wealth is tied to their employer provided retirement plans. Managing an employer sponsored retirement plan brings with it many responsibilities and liability issues that plan sponsors sometimes fail to understand.  Most plan sponsors and administrators lack the expertise and time to fully comply with all requirements set forth by ERISA and thus often neglect these responsibilities. They often rely solely on their retirement plan provider or custodian to act in their best interest, failing to realize that this does not free them from their fiduciary duty.

The fiduciary duties that go along with providing and managing an employer sponsored retirement plan can be complicated and difficult for plan sponsors to manage on their own and bring in a number of different liability issues. This liability exposure can extend beyond the company itself, leaving administrators personally liable for their decisions. As an independent fiduciary, we work with plan sponsors and administrators to help reduce or eliminate this liability exposure while also creating an investment policy and plan that allows employees to fully maximize the potential of their employer sponsored retirement plan.

Are You Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Duty?

Being independent, we are not tied to any one custodian, vendor or broker dealer.  We do not receive and commissions or other outside compensation.  This allows us to provide fully unbiased advice and help plan administrators comply with all their necessary regulatory requirements.
Our services include:

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Foundation Consulting

Many of our clients are very passionate about their philanthropic pursuits. Foundations lay the groundwork for the success and funding of many of these endeavors, creating a platform to fund and manage a wide range of charitable, cultural, educational and religious causes. Here at Brave Boat Capital Advisors we work closely with foundations to ensure that the investment policy can successfully fund and carry out the philanthropic mandate of the organization.  Proper investment management, taking into account the liquidity and growth needs of a foundation, is essential for the organizations’s success.

We work with the organization to:

    • Develop and define a clear investment policy that is in line with the goals of the organization
    • Manage the foundation’s assets in accordance with the investment policy mandate
    • Educate trustees about proper foundation management
    • Manage annual liquidity and distribution requirements

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