Private Client Services

Wealth planning is at the core of what we do here at Brave Boat Capital Advisors.  In order to reach both long and short term goals it is important to take into account all aspects of your financial lives.  Financial success doesn’t come from just looking at each part of your lives in a silo but understanding how each of your financial decisions effects the other aspects of your life.  While most people simply focus on the investment management piece of the puzzle there are many other variables to consider that can have just as big of an impact on long term financial success.

Goal planning

Investing or planning without a goal in mind is like getting in your car and driving with no destination. We help you identify and quantify the various goals and objectives that you would like to achieve throughout your life.  We know these goals continuously change and evolve over time so we continually revisit this topic throughout our relationship. The financial plan is not static either so we want to make sure the plan has the ability to adjust with your changing goals.

Legacy and Estate Planning

Growing and building wealth during your life often receives the greatest focus in most financial plans, but what do you want your lasting legacy to be?  What will happen to your money when you are gone?  Have you done the proper planning so that your assets pass smoothly and tax efficiently to the next generation and continue to fulfill your inter-generational desires?  These are important questions that we can help you navigate.  Proper estate planning from an early point provides you with the greatest number of planning options and flexibility as you continue to grow your wealth.

Tax Minimization

While paying taxes has a negative connotation, we find that paying taxes often means that something good has happened; you made a profit on an investment, you sold a business, you earned more money.  Our job is to make sure proper planning is done so that the actually amount of taxes being paid is minimized, both today and in the future.  We can never avoid taxes all together but by doing proper planning and managing when and how your assets are taxed we can often lower the overall tax burden.

Investment Management

We work with you to design a disciplined investment strategy that takes into account your goals, time frame and risk appetite.  We understand that different assets within your portfolio have different short and long term purposes.  An investment plan must be designed keeping all of these variables in mind.  Investment planning is not just about making the most money but having the ability to take advantage of market opportunities while also protecting your hard earned assets against the unforeseen.

Asset Protection

You have worked very hard to accumulate the assets you have. It is our job to help those assets last.  We identify potential risk and liability exposure and work with you to transfer, reduce or eliminate these variables.  There are a number of different strategies that we can utilize, ranging from analyzing the correct ownership structure for your assets to transferring risk using insurance products.

Philanthropic Desires

Many wealthy individuals are also very involved in giving back. Factoring these philanthropic desires into your long term plan is an important piece of the overall financial puzzle.  How much money should be devoted to these causes? What are the best vehicles to achieve your philanthropic goals? What are the tax benefits?

Financial Education

A part of the planning process that is often overlooked or ignored is the financial education portion of the relationship.  We find that those clients that are better educated about the financial world have less anxiety about their financial lives. We teach our clients the “whys” behind the advice and decisions we are making so in the end the client is more comfortable with the long term plan.

Our Process

We view the financial plan as an ongoing process not a static document. Your lives, dreams and financial situation are ever changed and as such, your financial plan should be able to evolve along the way.  The creation and initial implementation of a plan gives us a starting point.  From there we are constantly analyzing any variables that could affect it and discussing any changes that need to be made.  Throughout the process, communication and transparency are essential to ensure that we are making our recommendations based on the most up to date information and you have a clear understanding of everything that is going on in your financial lives.


The first step of the process is to get a complete understanding of your situation. We get a picture of everything you are trying to accomplish; your goals, dreams and the legacy you want to leave.  We also collect all pertinent financial information so we know where you are starting from and what resources you have already accumulated.


After getting an understanding of your situation we analyze and evaluate how best to get you to your goals.


After analyzing your situation we come to you to discuss all available options and communicate the various strategies available to help you reach your goals.  This step of the process often involves a few iterations as we are always learning more about you throughout the planning process.


Once you fully understand the strategies that will be used we walk you through the implementation process.  We open and fund accounts, initiate the investment plan and make any other necessary changes to make sure your plan is implemented properly