Brave Boat Capital Advisors

Why Us

Brave Boat Capital Advisors was founded on the belief that managing ones wealth should not be a time consuming burden but something that integrates seamlessly into your life .  Technology exists to make the client experience fit into the lifestyles of our clients, but a human touch and the understanding of the “why” behind financial decisions is essential to make sure your finances grow and adapt to your ever changing lives.  Experience has shown us the importance of a customized financial plan and an investment discipline that utilizes both passive and active management styles. Our job is not to simply make you wealthy, but to make sure your hard earned money is working to reach your goals and is protected against life’s unforeseen challenges. We understand that financial decisions are more than just dollars and cents and can have far reaching impacts on you and your family.

As a fee only Registered Investment Advisor, we are held to a different standard than your typical broker.  We do not receive commissions for any transactions or other compensation to put our clients into any specific products.  This independence is very important as it allows us to truly work in the best interest of our clients, minimizing any conflicts of interest. By putting the client first and utilizing complete transparency, our clients are left with greater piece of mind and understanding of their financial lives so they can spend their time focusing on the more important aspects of life.

Our Name

We named our company after a small harbor in southern Maine. This harbor served as a refuge from storms for ships that traveled up and down the New England coast.  However, entering this harbor came with its own risks, particularly the narrow opening and unpredictable tide. The people in the area began calling it “Brave Boat Harbor,” as it was only navigable by a courageous captain with specific expertise on the area who was also utilizing only the best technology to make sure they didn’t run aground.  A captain had to be able to balance the risks against the reward of safe harbor and know he had the tools necessary to make it in safely.  Similarly, we believe in order to reach financial success it is important to carefully weigh the risks against the rewards and have the correct balance of expertise and technology to manage your financial lives through all types of weather.