Client Experience

Our clients hire us to make their lives easier so we feel that the client experience should be designed with that in mind.  Just as each of our clients have a customized financial plan we want the client experience to be just as customized. We use a combination of technological solutions and in person interactions to make sure the advice and planning that we provide fits seamlessly into our clients’ sometimes hectic lives.

As financial services and advice has become more commoditized, the client experience has suffered and become less personal. The solutions being provided today often fall into one of two categories; the traditional broker model that provides personalized face to face service but lacks innovation to meet the needs of the modern client and the 100% technology based robo-advisor that uses algorithms to make all financial decisions but lacks the personal touch and understanding of the “why” behind financial decisions.  Here at Brave Boat Capital Advisors we aim to fall between these two.  We provide the personalized understanding and attention needed to make difficult financial decisions while using technology to make our clients’ financial lives as simple to understand and track as possible.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Client Meetings

In person interaction is very important while developing and managing a successful financial plan. The more we know about you and the better we understand you as a person, the more accurately we can provide you with advice and ongoing support. We also understand that your lives are getting increasingly hectic.  As your financial advisor we will remove some of the stresses from your life, not add to them.  We design our client meetings with that in mind, offering the ability to meet in person, via video conference or over the phone. We do hope to meet you face to face as often as possible but are also realistic in understanding that some meetings can be just as effective over the phone or using video.

Client Reporting and Performance

Getting a snapshot of your financial lives should not be a complicated undertaking.  Viewing your investments, performance and holdings should be quick and easy.  We have a client portal that is easy to understand and navigate, providing you with all pertinent information about your investment holdings.  It also gives you the ability to view assets not held or managed by us so you can get a full picture of your entire investment lives in one place.  This also allows us to understand what you are doing outside of our relationship so we can better integrate those holdings and strategies into your financial plan.


We offer the ability to go as paperless as possible.  We have implemented processes to help streamline the account opening process and the delivery of confidential information.  Using resources like Docusign and a client portal that allows you to  easily share documents, we have eliminated the need for wasteful paper mailings that rarely get opened anyway.

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